We wrote about the solo exploits of British alpinist James Price in December 2021 (he received the title of “lad of the year” in both the Montana and eMontana publications. You’ll find it here. Last year we published a short article about his other attempt to traverse the Batura massif in Pakistan, where he climbed Pasu Sar (7470m) without support Alpine style. On both occasions his friend Sébastien documented him and he recently produced a film. We asked Sébastien for a short introduction, editor’s notice.


How did I meet James? He took me on the Haute Route, a winter ski-alp traverse between Chamonix and Zermatt. I was a tough experience for me to head off to the mountains with him, because I was certainly not at the top of my ‘Alpinist’ game. I headed off to his home turf, where James wanders about.

Our friendship began from this traverse across the Alps and we wanted to do more together. When James asked me if I wanted to go to Pakistan with him, I immediately said yes.

I do not regret my decision in the slightest… I came back with life-changing adventures. I discovered incredible landscapes, met great friends and had memorable and wonderful experiences with them in the mountains, and we also made a film!

I think with today’s technology it is easier to get great shots. What is getting harder, however, is finding a good story; especially one that touches you, and makes you want to tell it.

I wanted the film to articulate James’ approach to Alpinism (without support and porters), which is strongly connected to his way of life and his goals.

As a filmmaker I found something that touched me and gave me the energy to continue filming despite adverse conditions. This energy pushed me through the editing phase in the moments when I struggled to find motivation.

The film is short, but I’m glad that we were able to share this incredible story.

Call of the Karakoram (film: Sébastien Carniato)

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