Big Ones

There’s one thing you can be sure of – we will always bring you original stories of adventure climbing. Are they worth your time? Our readers know best…

I‘ve looked over eMontana and was surprised about the good quality of the different articles. The articles are never superficial and allow a deeper look from different angles onto interesting points of climbing history, theory or personalties. Great!!!”
Olivier Hartmann

“Not sure if you noticed but I got your article about Dean the night before I soloed the Freerider. It was a lot for me to think about. It was a really good time for me to think about Dean and everything he did in the Valley. Not that everything Ivo says in that article is strictly true… but it was nice for me to read it all. Like seeing old friends.”
Alex Honnold

“Awesome articles! They go much deeper than typical “did a 9a in a day” stuff. It’s about the mindset, the core of every climber. And its bridging old school dangerous adventure climbing with more recent developments. Especially recommended for those climbing trad, e.g. in Saxon Switzerland. Good luck, you deserve much more readers!”
Peter Mahlke

Standa Mitac always writes brilliant articles — probably some of the best and most comprehensive out there?!
Tom Randall