Sandstone climbing

“You’ve been eyeing this route for way too long – you’re a little nervous. Is today the day? Or should you try it once you feel more confident, perhaps next year? Your mind is full of doubts – you just want to wait for better conditions… What now? Just go for it! Try to feel that first touch of the rock to its fullest and then be present at every following move. Climb gently so you don’t break anything. Just in case, take more kinds of slings and knots with you, and once you clip the first ring twenty meters off the ground, gather all your strength for the crux in the overhang.”

eMontana comes from the sandstone area at the Czech-German border, where the rock climbing as we know it was born at the beginning of the 20th century. The goal of those pioneers in dandy outfits was (and remains) to climb up to the tops of those tempting rock towers without any artificial aid. This is a world of fragile spires, where chalk is prohibited, and slings or knots are used in a place of friends to preserve the rocks. That’s right… the only protection you can place into those scary runouts between the rings is textile…

The combination of unique landscape, bold climbing ethics, and eccentric climbing brews many unbelievable stories. Until recently, you could only hear those in obscure local climber’s pubs… but now we’ve decided to share them with the world. We also make original videos about sandstone climbing.